Nokia Lumia 520 Tips And Tricks

While you own the Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone, learning vital tips and tricks are essential for getting the most out of your device. Powered by a a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor the 520 features 512Mb of RAM, 8GB of built in storage and is capable of taking up to 64GB of expandable storage. The 520 also boasts a 5 megapixel autofocus camera capable of capturing videos at HD 720p at 30frames per second. Fitted with a 4 inch IPS LCD WVGA display which carries an 800 x 480 pixels resolution, the Lumia is also equipped with a super sensitive touch technology designed for fingernail and glove when you need to use your phone on those cold days.

Lumia 520

How to Factory reset

It is fair that this will remove all your data from your phone so it is advised that you do a backup of all your important data before.

There are two methods for doing a factory reset, the first:

  • First go to Start
  • Applications list
  • Settings
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose “About.”
  • Select “reset your phone.”
  • Then select “Yes.”

 The second method goes as follows as follows: 

  • First press and hold the Camera, Volume and Power buttons all at the same time.
  • Then release the Power button when the phone vibrates but continue to hold the Camera and Volume Down.
  • When the Format prompt is displayed on the screen, release the Camera button and Volume Down
  • Then press Windowsbutton twice to confirm.

To Insert MicroSD card

  • Remove the back of your Lumia 520
  • Pull out the battery and slide the microSD card in above the microSIM slot.
  • Then turn the device back on
  • This will prompt a brief screen for the setup of the SD card …. Done!

 Get Directions to a location

  • Start from the home screen.
  • Then go to Apps
  • Go to Maps
  • Select Directions
  • Then enter a place of interest or address or
  • Press Go.
  • Then choose either Walking or Driving.
  • The Lumia 520 will then calculate a route.
  • To show real-time traffic information, select the More button and select Show Traffic.

Media controls

Once you start playing music

  • Tapping on the device volume rocker drops down the menu for volume from the top of the screen
  • You will now get an option for skip back, play/pause and skip forward controls as well as the artist and track name.
  • Pressing and holding on the skip buttons will result in rewind or fast forward functionality
  • While tapping the song will take you to the app responsible for the music.
  • From the 520’s lockscreen, these controls appear by default with no need to tap the hardware volume rocker.

How to resume game download errors

What’s annoying is when you try to download a game from the marketplace and the download stops and an error occurs, to resume the download:

  • Open the Marketplace tile
  • Choose Games.
  • Find the game that is having the problem and select ‘Check install’.
  • Then when you’re in the Marketplace downloads screen long-press on the error and choose ‘try again’


In your Nokia Lumia 520 one of its attraction pieces is the addition of lenses. With lenses the capabilities of the camera are modified, with Nokia specific options coming in the form on Cinemagraph and City Lens.

  • Go to the camera user interface
  • Open up the lenses menu and also switch between any installed lenses by pressing the twin arrow icon
  • Hitting the ‘find more lenses’ option will also bring up a wide and new and interesting lenses to download and add to the 520’s camera repertoire.

 Find MAC Address

To find your MAC address,

  • go to the homescreen and scroll to the right.
  • Choose Settings
  • Go to About.
  • Then press More information.
  • The MAC address will be next to the SIM ID.

How to add accents to characters

To get accents while typing in non-English languages:

  • Press and Hold the appropriate character.
  • For example if you want the French “A” with an accent, press and hold the a button.


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  1. Giridharan says:

    I really in love with my lumia 520.. though it has few issues that can be ignorable…. stunned with the OS and also especially with the effort of nokia…. thanks to nokia and microsoft….. if it gets some updates, then no one can beat wp8…

  2. Will a call recorder app work in lumia 520?

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