Teens gobble up BlackBerry Z10 ( BBZ10 ) In The UK

After a long wait, the new Blackberry 10 OS was last week launched along with their Blackberry Z10 ( bbz10 ) handset. According to a recent report by All Things D and research by Jeffries and Co, the Z10 smartphone has been doing well, thanks mainly to the teen population in the United Kingdom.


Based on prior experiences, situations where new products have quickly sold out due to the love or fascination the teen population has for the said product, that product usually does well altogether. According to reports the Blackberry Z10 handset has sold out in many stores,  and store owners are frantically seeking to restock the empty spaces  so as to capitalize on the success of the new Blackberry.

Before the people at Blackberry start rejoicing however, it should be noted that Blackberry was always a popular brand  in the UK and these early statistics could be misleading. We all know that the success of a smartphone overall, is dependent on worldwide statistics overtime, not a quick burst of love which dwindles down at the end. All eyes are on Blackberry 10 at this point in time  as they fight to be the shit best in the game once more (extremely difficult but not impossible). Give us your thoughts.

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