BlackBerry Z10 Tips and Tricks: Understand your BBZ10

The BlackBerry Z10 ( BBZ10 ) has been released for a while now in a few countries and owners are looking to get the most out of their smartphone. Create a fun Blackberry experience; use it to make your life easier, here are a few “How To’s”to help you learn more about your device,  simplify your complexed life, improve your daily productivity and fulfill your expectation of your new BlackBerry Z10. These tips are still not representative of the complete list.

Extend your Z10′s Battery Life

The frequency with which you use your device determines your battery life to a great extent. Unlike a regular cell phone, Smartphones require a lot more battery power to operate effectively. If you want to save the battery life of your Blackberry Z10 so that it lasts longer, you may need to adjust your settings, here are a few suggestions.


Adjusting Device Settings

  • Turn down the volume with the volume keys. You can also adjust the volume on Settings > System Volume or Notifications.
  •  Unused apps running in the background should be turned off. This will save much more juice than you would expect.
  • Turn on the power-saving option on your Z10 and reduce the screen brightness and the screen lock timeout to do this, while on the Home Screen, swipe down from the top of the screen. Tap on the Gear Icon or Settings > Display.
  • I know you enjoy taking pictures and sharing them, but always remember to turn off the camera flash where it is not necessary.
  • Turn off the network connection if you are out of range, when there is no network signal in the area your Z10 searches for a signal and this is a major battery power consumer. To turn off the network go to Settings > Network Connections.
  • This may surprise many people but saving data to a media card instead of your device storage does conserve on battery power.
  •  Always try to install the latest version update of your Blackberry 10 OS as software updates improves some features and fixes some bugs on the previous software version (which could also be a battery fix). 

Voicemail and Speed dial

The new Z10 is here, you have gotten your hands on one so now it’s time to put its easy to use features to work.

  • Open your Phone app and swipe down from the top of the screen, to set up voice mail.
  •  Tap on the Settings option.
  • On the list, tap on Voice Mail and type your voice mail access number and password. Now your friends can leave a voice mail whenever you can’t pick up your phone.
  •  To set up speed dial 5, simply go to your list of contacts.  Touch and hold a phone number
  • contact for few seconds. Select Add to Speed Dial and that’s it, you’ve just added a contact to your speed dial list.

Reset Your Password

Have you forgotten your Blackberry Z10 password? The only solution to resetting your password,(without knowing your current one), is to delete all of the data on your device, and it can be done by entering  an incorrect password several times.  It is recommended to always backup all your wanted files on your computer.

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Answer Voice Calls Automatically

BlackBerry Z10 will allow you to also answer calls automatically when you have a headset connected or when you remove your device from a case or holster. This will be very helpful and less hassling, especially when you expect a lot of incoming calls.

BBZ10 voicemail

Set Blackberry Z10 to answer automatically or end a call using a case/ holster:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen in the Phone app.
  • Tap on Settings or the Gear-looking Icon, then select Holster.
  • Do any of the following:

• Set Answer a Call by Removing your BB From Holster switch to On.

• Set End Call option by Putting Device Back in Holster switch to On.

The below steps will allow you to answer incoming calls automatically when a headset is connected:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen in the device appliction.
  • Tap on Settings and select Bluetooth.
  • Set Automatically Answer a Call When Connected to a Headset switch to On. 

Your calls will automatically answered after 5 seconds when you turn on this feature and you have a headset connected to your BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry looking to reclaim spot thanks to Z10

Using Print to Go Software

You can now easily print on your BlackBerry Z10 using the Print To Go software. This feature will definitely make your work easier since you don’t have to transfer the file from your BlackBerry Z10 to your computer before you print it.

In order to download the Print To Go software

  • On your computer go to
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation on your computer.

Once the installation process is done, you can now print a file from your BlackBerry Z10,  be sure to also configure your printer also.

Follow these steps:

BBZ10 Printer

  • On your computer, try to print an item/file and choose Print To Go as the printer.
  • You need to enter your BlackBerry ID and password, then simply click Sign In.
  • If applicable, enter your pairing password, device PIN, and the name of your device, then clickNext.

To print multiple devices, click Add Another Device. Just ensure that it is associated with your BlackBerry ID.

  • Click Done.
  • Click Remember Me if you want to save the settings you just entered.
  • Finally, click Print.

When printing is done, open Print To Go on your BlackBerry device, then find your pairing password as this helps to establish a more secure connection between your computer and your BlackBerry device.

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • Tap Settings or the Gear Icon.

To reset your pairing password press Reset.

To delete a folder or printout from Print Go to:

  • Tap and hold a printout or folder in a few seconds.
  • Then tap the Trash Bin icon.

Blackberry 10.2 bringing new update to the BBZ10

Sharing internet connection

The Mobile Hotspot Mode lets you create a wireless network (Wi-Fi) that other devices can connect to, this allows them to brows the new etc via your BlackBerry Z10. You can connect to the Internet anywhere as long as there is a mobile network connection. Connecting the mobile hotspot is as simple as connecting to any normal router.

  • Make sure that your Z10’s device connection to the mobile network is turned on.
  • On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • Tap Settings or the Gear Icon, then choose Network Connection > Mobile Hotspot.
  • If it is your first time setting up the Mobile Hotspot mode be sure to read the instructions carefully and do not forget your Mobile Hotspot password.
  • Set the Mobile Hotspot switch to On.
  • The name of the mobile hotspot and the password you set during the setup process are what your friends will use also to connect to your Wi-Fi signal

To find your Mobile Hotspot mode settings, go to Settings > Network Connections >Mobile Hotspot > then tap the icon .

To disconnect a device from your mobile hotspot:

  • Go to Settings > Network Connections > Mobile Hotspot.
  • Tap the name of the device that you want to disconnect from your mobile hotspot.
  • Then tap the “X” mark .

Factory Reset

Performing factory reset on the Blackberry Z10 (or any other Smartphone for that matter) will delete all data, files and apps on your device.  However, if you are trying to fassion your Z10 the way you want from scratch, you may try the following steps on how to perform factory reset.

First move is: On your home screen of the device, swipe down from the top. then click

  •  Settings and go to Security and Privacy. Next click

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I hope these few tips will help you to better understand your Blackberry Z10 Smartphone, join me on twitter  for more helpful updates on tips, tricks and facts on Tech.

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