BlackBerry Z10 ( BBZ10 ) Sales Break Expectations

Scheduled for its Canadian debut today, Blackberry has said the Z10 ( BBZ10 ) smartphone has so far exceeded sales expectation. Since its release in the United Kingdom, the new Blackberry 10 handset has gained much more popularity than its makers initially anticipated and the device has not had time to sit on store shelves in the UK.


Despite not releasing any figures on its recent sales success in the UK, Stephen Bates, BlackBerry’s UK MD said: “The response we’ve seen exceeded all of our launch partners’ expectations. Customers are choosing to buy the BlackBerry Z10 in large numbers,” said Bates. “In fact some of our partners have told us that they sold out over the weekend in some of their key retail locations. “The partners’ call centres are also flooded with calls, as people phone to ask for more information about the device, and also where and how to buy it.”

Canadian’s eagerly await today’s release of its home grown product freshly gracing their northern shores. Will the Z10 be a hometown sensation, as it currently is in the UK? The new Blackberry will also be unveiled in several European countries sometime this week. Countries including Spain, France, Germany, and others will get a chance to put their hands on the UK sensation.

Here I Go

Well done Blackberry 10, but isn’t it too early to count your eggs? The UK success of the new Blackberry Z10 could be the beginning of a wonderful come back story, I can picture the headline in the papers “Blackberry Fights Back and Reclaim Top Spot” but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Success cannot be quantified without numbers, despite its “UK Success” there hasn’t been any numbers released by the smartphone makers to confirm this alleged achievement, furthermore, it has not even been a week since the unveiling, so I suggest we wait for the rest of the word to have access to the new device, then we talk success.

Source: Techcrunch

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